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Safety Partners

TRANSAFE WA has worked hard to secure funding for the iNSTRUCKTA! project with the state and federal government. In addition to government funds, TRANSAFE WA will need to secure a number of Safety Partners to commit funding for continued delivery of the project. 

Safety Partners will keep iNSTRUCKTA! on the road, educating and changing the behaviour of current and future drivers in Western Australia. iNSTRUCKTA! will have operational staff responsible for the day-to-day management of the vehicle and administration.

TRANSAFE WA is a not-for-profit industry initiative that supports safer transport industry workplaces and roads by fostering and promoting through education and training. 


This is not your run-of-the-mill corporate sponsorship.


This is an opportunity to partner with a first of its kind education initiative which will change the landscape of road safety in WA. 

Who can become a Safety Partner?

Any organisation which is based and owned in Western Australia, or has a strong Western Australian presence can become a Safety Partner of iNSTRUCKTA!

Safety Partnerships are best suited to organisations who:

  • Own a fleet of trucks as a part of their organisation 

  • Have a staff or contractor base of truck drivers in their organisation 

  • Rely heavily on trucks as a part of their organisation's operations

  • Have a deep rooted commitment to improving the safety of Western Australian roads

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